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Hidden Treasures is a real-life family homeschool!

We are an Irish couple with three young children, based near Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

When God led us to homeschool, one of the main decisions we had to make was which curriculum, if any, to follow. As Christians, we knew we wanted a programme with a Biblical foundation, but found that almost all were from an American perspective. This meant no matter which we chose, we would need to adapt it for our own locality. The few which included Irish studies were focused mainly on shamrocks and cartoon leprechauns! 

We also found that in Northern Ireland, we were in the unique situation of needing to teach both UK and Irish geography, history, currencies and the like. There simply wasn't a programme which ticked every box. Finally, almost as a joke, we thought about putting a curriculum together ourselves, to meet our own needs primarily. 

This led to the realization that others were also interested in an honest and engaging study of the island of Ireland. Many people throughout the world have Irish ancestry, or are simply interested in studying the country from an insider's perspective. And so, Welcome to Emerald Island was born. 

Little Gems, our early years programme, soon followed.

Our hope is that you will find these resources useful and enjoyable. We try to present our little country in a true, yet affectionate, way. We also pray that the families who use them will be blessed by the studies of scripture and spiritual songs included within them. 

We welcome all feedback and conversation, so please do feel free to get in touch.

Go mbeannaí Dia dhaoibh - God bless you all. 

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