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Exploring the history, geography & culture of Ireland: a family-style curriculum for ages 7 to 15.


Welcome to Emerald Island consists of the main textbook, containing reading passages, activities, art prints, poetry & hymn studies, unique maps, and Irish vocabulary (with pronunciation guides).


As well as this main text, we refer to two key texts throughout (as well as your own Bible): Dr. Hibernica Finch's Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals, and Exploring Geology with Mr. Hibb.


We also recommend several novels as read-alouds throughout the curriculum. These are mostly by Irish authors and have been screened for inappropriate content. We also suggest other optional reads, at the discretion of parents. These are relevant and age-appropriate but may contain some content that is not suitable for all families (for example, mention of pagan traditions). We advise parents or teachers to look into or read all recommended texts before sharing them with students.

We have a workbook resource pack containing additional templates, blank maps, and copies of puzzles for practice and printing.

There are 12 lessons. The first introduces students to the country, and then Lessons 2 - 12 take them chronologically through Irish History; from just after the Ice Age through to 2022. In each section, there are character studies and many have recipes to follow, or puzzles to complete. 



Each section is clearly colour-coded, and boxes at the top or bottom of pages encourage students to explore further, using discussion questions, independent tasks, art projects, cartography and dictionary practice.


The curriculum is intended to be completed 'family-style' with different age groups working and discussing topics together. It can just as easily be used with a single child however. We strongly encourage parental involvement if possible.


Our programme has a non-denominational, Christian perspective. Other faiths are very welcome to use and enjoy the resources - just be aware that we refer to and quote from the Bible throughout the Unit Study.


As well as introducing students to Ireland as a geographical and political state, the programme also looks wider - at famous Irish people, the Irish language, Irish inventions, significant moments in Irish History, and the music, poetry and literature of Ireland; and also, how God has worked in the nation over time.


We set Irish History in context by looking at and referring to other nations, such as the UK, the United States and countries of the European Union (among others). Where sensitive topics are broached, we encourage students to take a thoughtful, empathetic, non-partisan approach.


The 12 lessons in this programme cover one full year of schooling, if studied as intended. You need only supplement with a Maths and English Language curriculum of your choice - these subjects are usually tailored to a child's individual level.